Vacs, Shampoo & Fragance

Vacs for comprehensive cleaning

Keeping your car clean does not only make your car look good but it has its own importance. It is very importance to vacuum your car’s interior on a regular basis. Data shows that humans shed over 1 million skin cells per hour. This combined with external air dust keeps accumulating inside your car. A vacuum cleaner drives the dust and infectious bacteria away from your car. A clean interior improves your driving experience. Vacuuming is critical for the visibility. If the windows and windshields are covered with dust, they will not only affect your driving experience but also, they could lead to major accidents. The enclosed environment inside your car holds many gems, bacteria, and allergens. If you do not vacuum your car’s interior, it may have a bad impact on your health. The AC vents need more than just a quick wipe down. Overlooking the AC vents results in musty smells over a period of time. It needs a deep vacuum cleaning service time to time. At Sharma Auto Spa, you get a comprehensive vacs servicing for your car within your affordability. 

Car Wash Shampoo for a Shiny look

Nobody likes dirt and strains on the body of their vehicle. The best feature of Sharma Auto Spa is the quality of their car wash shampoo. Car wash Shampoo or foam wash shampoo got its name from its physical properties. The car wash shampoo leaves a thick white layer on your car’s exterior. Sometimes it looks like snow hence it is also called ‘snow foam shampoo’. These are usually neutral shampoos which ensures a complete wash. It provides the effective solution for the bodywork. A good car washing shampoo holds the formula of natural wax which creates a mind-blowing silky effect on your car’s exterior. The natural agents that form it also maintains the vitality of your car’s original color. The shampoo also works as a softening agent. After a period of time, your car gathers dirt, smoke, road grime on its body. With time, they get stuck to your vehicle and it seems very difficult to remove them. If you try to wash them only through water, it might worsen the problem.

It may harm your car’s exterior; it may lead to few scratches and even the color could be damaged. Car washing shampoo help soften the dirt so that it comes out of your car’s exterior easily. It also proves to be a great thing for the comprehensive cleaning of the alloy wheels. The car washing shampoo gives a mind-blowing shine on the windshield and mirrors after a single wash. To summarize, at Sharma Auto Spa the overall appearance of your car will be improved to the greatest extent.

Fragrance for the freshness of interior

If your car’s interior has a bad odor, perhaps, your friends won’t be excited to go long ride with you. That’s why the car fragrance comes into picture. A car fragrance is a product that gives a nice and fresh scent to your vehicle. Some of us may consider having this product as nonobligatory, but it has its own importance. It proves to be very advantageous for the driver and the passengers. It immediately eliminates the bad odors. The bad odors comes from various sources like the external odor and the internal odor that your car generates over a period of time. A car freshener help neutralize those bad odors and create a subtle and peaceful environment within your car. That mild air in provides has a certain refreshing impact on your mind. Having a nice car freshener in your car keeps the outside odor of smoke, burnt fuel and trash away from your car.Various studies have already shown that a good car fragrance has a great impact on your mood. For example, it reduces the stress when you are stuck in a traffic.