Self Serve Bays

A self-serve bay allows you to get a self-cleaning service for your car. It is an old and cheap technique that saves you a lot of money. Here at Sharma Auto Spa, we offer you the experience of a self-service bay without worrying about buying any tools or equipment for washing your car. You have to drive to us, park your car, and we will provide you with the rest of the process tools. To keep your car clean but need more space and equipment at home, don’t worry; we got you sorted. The advantages you can get from us are access to high-end products and top-quality cleaning equipment, budget-friendly prices as it is a self-doing process, self-satisfaction, and flexibility of your timings. You can get a self-serve bay wash at Shamra Auto Spa with the easiest steps; select the self-car cleaning and press start; start spraying your car with a high-pressure water stream, then use the soapy water to wash; the final steps are then rinsing and drying. The key feature of the self-service bay is that if you are looking for a less expensive car washing option than the automated car wash, this is your answer.

We provide you with the best possible rates and top-notch equipment for your car washing. Our cooperative and talented staff will be around you to guide you with every step to ensure the health maintenance of your car.

To save some extra bucks, here is a list of suggestions that Sharma Auto Spa recommends you follow; before coming to the self-service bay, we recommend you clean all the garbage from your car, make sure to park your car wisely in a position that will be suitable and easy while cleaning, to clean all the excess dust and dirt will be removed from your car consider to vacuum the interior first, after washing your car with the soapy water make sure you rinse thoroughly to clean all the chemicals and detergent water. Unlike other car washing stations, we do not use any harsh or damaging soapy chemicals that will adversely affect your car paint. Moreover, there is no need to bring your supplies as we provide you with all the required supplies and quality equipment without charging you extra. Our highly trained and professional staff will be there to give you the best wash for your car.

Sharma Auto Spa makes sure to give you the best possible experience by providing the most satisfying and lowest rates. We are a team of well knowledged and hard-working people who make sure to protect your car from any possible damage, be it the car’s exterior or interior. We provide all the detailed information and time-to-time guidance with any service you select for your car. We promise to bring you the best self-service car wash in your area, an amazing encounter that will recommend to your friends and family. We recommend you visit Sharma Auto Spa for an unforgettable self-service bay wash experience.