Detailing Products

At Sharma Auto Spa, we provide you with all the essential services related to the health maintenance of your car’s interior and exterior. Besides an automatic car wash and self-serve bay, we also offer you a car detailing service. A car detailing service includes a detailed top-to-bottom cleaning of your car with the help of specialized and professionally advanced equipment. In the detailing service of your car, we give you the most exclusive interior and exterior cleaning experience for your car that will ensure your car’s original paint scratch free and ensure complete safety of the interior. Unlike car wash, car detailing not only focuses on washing and removing dirt but also makes sure to maintain your car’s interior and exterior health by cleaning all the dust and dirt, renovating the vital parts, buffing, and giving the finishing touches wherever it is needed. To ensure your car looks fabulous and spotless, we divide the process into exterior and interior car detailing parts. In the exterior car detailing step, first, we follow the vacuuming process to remove all the filth. After that, we give detailed touch-ups to the car’s original parts, including windows, wheels, mirrors, and other parts.

Moreover, the detailed steps are as follows; firstly, we ensure the complete washing of all the exterior parts thoroughly and then dry them; in the next step, a clay or soap bar is used to remove the remaining further impurities and give a crystal clear shine to the car’s exterior. The second step is carried with the polishing step, ensuring the top coat on the car’s paintwork maintains its shine and smoothness. A binder or sealant is then applied to restore all the previously done steps. Furthermore, in the exterior car detailing step, we give you additional sealing services with a high-quality sealer, deep engine cleaning, paint touch-ups, engine and other parts repair, headlights, mirror buffing, etc. The second step in detailing car service is interior car detailing. In this, we ensure deep cleaning of all the carpets, leather, seat covers, and plastics. The methods that we use for cleaning purposes include steam cleaning and vacuuming. Not only this, we make sure to clean all the cabinets, chambers, and holders deeply as well. Internally we use blowers to blow away all the remaining residues and dust. Your interior car features are cleaned using a brush so that no tiny particles remain.

Further, we carry with the glass cleaning, including all the windows, front view mirror, rearview mirror, leather, carpet mat, and car seat washing. In the end, the finished wiping is done, and the perfume gives you a clean and fresh feeling. Here at Shamra Auto Spa, we promise to give you the best possible rates with excellent services and well-informed and professional staff. To give your car a detailed renovating service, visit us as soon as possible. In this service, we do touch-ups and give the vehicle a prominent, clean, and overall fresh look. So, visit us and get detailed service for your car.