Car Scratch

Possibly, the most annoying and disgusting thing among car damages is a scratch. Even a minor scratch is enough to set your head on fire! It may ruin all your day. Let’s see what are car scratches and what are their solutions.

Your car gets a scratch for many reasons. If your car meets an accident, it is very likely that it may get a scratch and even a dent. If you are driving behind some other vehicle, it is likely to het hit by some roadside debris or stone chips. It may cause a scratch to your car. Your car may unintentionally get a scratch while you park the car in a very narrow space. Moreover, it is very gut-wrenching to see that someone has intentionally scratched your vehicle by some sharp objects.

We have categorized the car scratches into three main types – (a) clear-coat scratch (b) paint scratch (c) deep scratch

Clear-coat scratches are the most common type of car scratch. It is just on the surface level of your vehicle and does not affect your car’s body that much. It can be easily fixed and you have nothing to worry about it. They are considered very minor type of scratch because you don’t need a re-paint of your car for this. They can be removed by a simple polish after a good wash.

Paint scratches are the scratches that penetrates beyond just the surface level of your car. If impacts the enamel layer of your car. The color coated finish of your car is often damaged by this type of scratches. In this case, unfortunately just a simple polish won’t do. The scratched part of your car may need a proper sanding. A color spray on the sanding part along with a proper wash and polish may do the job.

Deep scratches are the worst type of car scratch. It is so stubborn that penetrates even in to primer level and goes down even up to the metal coating of your car’s body. In this case, you need an out and out enamel coating after sanding with fine sand paper. Dent fixing may be required in this case also. Because your car is very likely to get a dent in this condition as this things happen is cases of collision or accident. Proper polishing is needed after a full body wash of your car.

It is also important to note that you should never delay removing the car scratches. The scratches often tend to grow bigger with time. Your car may receive some blow in the same spot. It may make the scratch even worse. Often, a minor scratch goes unnoticed. Thus, it is always advisable to inspect your car time and again to confirm that no such minor damage of your car is overlooked. As soon as you find out such a damage or a minor scratch, book a car spa service appointment immediately.

Use of authorized accessories and paints are necessary for you car’s good health. Matching the exact color of your car while repainting is equally important. Today, most of the car spa services use automatic color matching systems.